Herman and Ellnora Krannert knew that the arts could change the world. We know that it takes an entire community banding together to fulfill their vision of a vibrant hub where everyone can gather to share and grow. Without volunteers like you, we couldn’t provide a space for innovative dreamers to explore new intersections of expression, for teachers to reveal to youngsters the many layers of the human spirit, and for all of us to experience mind-opening, up-close moments.

Krannert Center Student Association

KCSA logoIf you are currently attending the University of Illinois, you can become a part of the Krannert Center Student Association (KCSA), a registered student organization. KCSA members volunteer as ushers, which allows them to see the performances for free! The group also holds several events and meetings throughout the year focused on enriching your Krannert Center experience as a student, including exclusive in-depth tours, guest speakers, and hands-on activities. Check out the KCSA website or Facebook page to learn more.

Krannert Center Community Volunteers

KCCV testimonialAnyone can join the Krannert Center Community Volunteers (KCCV) since only enthusiasm for the arts matters for membership. People in this group serve as ushers, prepare bulk mailings, help at campus and community information fairs, spread the word about our events—and anything else they have the energy and willingness to take on.

The Krannert Center Community Volunteer Program offers community members an opportunity to become more closely involved with the performing arts. As a volunteer, you play a significant role in assuring that the many performances at Krannert Center run smoothly and that all of our patrons feel welcome. Your knowledge of the Center, your upbeat attitude, and your warm smile have a strong impact on our audiences who will look to you for guidance. In return, you get the opportunity to explore music, theatre, dance, opera, and multi-media performances; witness premier events; host world-class performers; and see the rising stars of our University of Illinois resident programs. You will join performing arts lovers from around the Champaign-Urbana community and surrounding areas, and perhaps even make a new friend!

How to Get Involved

Becoming a part of KCCV is easy! We just need to know a little about you, and have you attend one of our training sessions so you are all set to usher when you come for a performance.

First, complete the Volunteer Information Form.
Second, join the KCCV email list to start receiving the monthly newsletter*.
Third, review the Usher Manual and attend one of our training dates:

  • Su Jan 17, Noon-2pm, Krannert Room, Level 5
    Su Jan 17, 3pm-5pm, Krannert Room, Level 5
  • Su Feb 7, Noon-2pm, Krannert Room, Level 5
  • Su Mar 6, Noon-2pm, Krannert Room, Level 5

That’s it, and you’re all set to start ushering!

We use SignUpGenius to manage usher registration, and will provide the link in our KCCV newsletters to sign up each semester. 
Link to Spring 2016 Usher Sign Up

*If you do not use email, please call us at one of the numbers below to join.

Contact KCCV

Nicholas Puddicombe
Patron Services Director

Crystal Womble
Outreach Director

All of us in Krannert Center consider your work an invaluable part of our organization. We are grateful for the many incredible community members who have graced our halls over the years, and are always excited to welcome new team members. See you at the Center!